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Heather & Ryan

Our Wedding Date: October 1, 2016


  • Weekend Updates

    We are excited to say that our wedding is only a few days away and we hope that everyone has safe travels. For those that are arriving on Friday night and would like to come, we will be having a meet and greet with pizza and drinks at the Hyatt Place East End from 6pm-9pm. (Hyatt East End is 451 East Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901)

    Also, we have two shuttles going to the wedding that will stop at all three hotel locations (the Indigo, Holiday Express Inn, and the Hyatt Place East End) and then return the guest back to their hotel. The first shuttle will be arriving at 3:45pm and then the second will be arriving at 4:00pm for those who do not board the first.

    Added by Heather on Thu, Sep 29th 2016

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  • Hotel & Travel Considerations

    Make sure to read Heather's post below

    We are still having trouble with Friday night stays in Riverhead (the hotels on the list). We cannot add any more rooms as these places are getting packed due to a few other weddings in the area and a convention. So, consider room hoping if you can as there are still rooms for Saturday night available. There will be buses only to and from hotels on our list but if you can be creative and find a cool B & B, air BnB or other such Inn nearby, please consider it. I will work on a list for cabs and such. A few considerations are the Sound View Inn located in Greenport, about 17 minutes from vineyard. It is more like a motel style place but you are right on the ocean! Another consideration would be to stay near McArthur airport off of main highway (about 35 minutes away).  There are a lot of cool little Inns out east around the area. My recommendation would be to check on some of these if you get strapped for a place to stay......a little beach B&B getaway doesn't sound too shabby!

    Note: google map everything to see how far away you are. Long island is bigger than you think! Also, the best bang for your buck will be a car rental. Please don’t cab it from airport to vineyard, it will cost a fortune.

    We are not doing a formal dress rehearsal dinner, so we will not be offended if you wanted to go New York City Friday into Saturday and check out some sights. Just leave yourself enough time to get out east on Long Island for the wedding.

    For those of you that will be around the Riverhead area, we will post up somewhere Friday night for a while and let you know via the website where we are.....stop in, say hello and have a drink!

    Added by Ryan on Sun, Jul 17th 2016

  • Hotels Reservations

    Just an update on available rooms.... at Hotel Indigo we have 4 double full sized bed rooms and 4 single queen beds for Hyatt, there are no rooms Holiday Inn Express, there are 6 double bed rooms for Saturday for the wedding block. The same weekend, there are several weddings going on as well as a convention.....At this time, I am trying to find rooms for Friday night for those that have asked. Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck currently in this venture, but I have looked onto for options. I found a few houses and single rooms to rent for those that want to be creative and stay there for Friday night before coming in for Saturday. Also, I'll be calling around to the local B&Bs for rates in the next few days. Contact me or Ryan if there is anything else I can do to help.

    Added on Wed, Jul 13th 2016

  • I Do BBQ

    NY Engagement Party

    We would like to thank our amazing hosts, Richard and Denise Gianatasio for such a wonderful BBQ and party! We loved seeing you all and we had a blast! Thank you all who were able to join us on a beautiful Saturday! 100 Days till the wedding. See you all soon!

    Added by Ryan on Fri, Jun 24th 2016


    Pretty please, with sugar on top!

    Rooms are going fast with other events out there that weekend. Book now you can always cancel later if need be!

    Added by Ryan on Mon, May 30th 2016

  • Our Flower Dog went to Heaven

    We are saddened by the lost of our sweet girl Seven. We will miss her greatly as we head into the next chapter of our lives. But she will always be in our hearts. xoxo

    Added by Heather & Ryan on Mon, May 30th 2016


    Hopefully our Amazon Registry Site is now operational but we lost items on it so we will be continuing to update this list. Also, I strongly advise to start booking rooms from our blocks. Its a busy weekend out on the East End and things are filling up!

    Added by Ryan on Mon, Apr 4th 2016

  • Save the dates sent out!

    It was touch and go for a while but we got our "save the dates" and are still friends. Bear with us regarding registry. We have to update it a bit more so check back in a bit for complete list of gift ideas. Thanks!

    Added by Ryan on Mon, Mar 21st 2016

  • Whats going on around here????

    This will be the go to spot for wedding updates and last minute news and changes. Please check here every so often. Thanks, Ryan and Heather

    Added by Heather & Ryan on Tue, Feb 16th 2016